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NBA Salt Lake City Summer League 2019

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Utah Jazz to host Salt Lake City Summer League

 – NBA summer league basketball in Utah took a new twist in 2019 and renamed the Salt Lake City Summer League – a four-team, six-game event hosted by the Utah Jazz on July 1-3 at Vivint Smart Home Arena.

The participating teams in the round-robin summer showcase in downtown Salt Lake City was the Jazz, San Antonio Spurs and Memphis Grizzlies along with newcomer Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Salt Lake City Summer League presented by University of Utah Heath and the Utah Sports Commission had a new look in its fifth year. Games were played on a modified City Edition court.

I enjoyed being the DJ for the Utah Jazz event, filled with so much activities and energy. All the new players were enjoying the vibrant music Pre-games in and during breaks. I could not be happier and more thankful for this opportunity. Having a DJ was very important to the organization to make sure the atmosphere was on point and projecting a fun and inviting vibe for the guests. As a professional DJ in the Utah, I got right to work and impressed the players and the fans. I met a lot people from the Utah Jazz organizations. I am looking forward to work with them during the regular season and more.

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What it's Like working for a Major Company (Jetblue)


This was an opportunity of a life time to work with a Major Airline “Jetblue” for their annual Employee appreciation party. First of all I was contacted four months in advance for a meeting to go over the plan and to see if we were a good fit. Caren, was the point of contact and she is very nice and friendly. After our first meeting, we share ideas and at that point we both knew this was going to be a great partnership.

We went over all the details multiples times and every other week, they updated me with new information. I share my app with them and they were able to choose some of their favorite songs.

As a DJ/Planner, My job is to make sure I take the stress out of my client’s hand and handle it. This is what I love to do and this is what I am train to do. I helped them plan other things as well, like how much power do they need for the day, what company to use for rentals etc…

The day off was a day full of fun activities. We had, food trucks, bubble balls, escape room, games, inflatables, prize redemption, rock climbing, video games virtual reality, life flight, petting zoo/pony rides, reptile show and a talent show. I mean can we do this again soon? I was having a blast and I would do it again anytime soon. This was a great event and they loved the music I was providing.

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Accept yourself, Love yourself and Celebrate yourself!

When Fuse weddings and Events contacted me for this wedding, they wanted to make sure I was comfortable with same sex marriage, and my answer was Hell Yes. This is something I wanted to do and Alec and Blake were the right couple for my first time. Alec is full of energy and confident. At our consultation meeting we became friends and were able to talk about their special day in details and what exactly they were looking for from me. I couldn’t be happier to be the one they chose. After the wedding he told me he was just going to have a friend DJ, but after some thoughts and some advice for the experts at Fuse Wedding and Event, he decided to go with me. We stayed in touch every other week to make sure we were always on the same page as the date got closer.

The day of the wedding we were all ready to celebrate. The ceremony happened at the Alpine Meadow in Park City Mountain Resort. One of the best wedding venue in Utah. We had to take the chair lift to get up there, quite an experience. The set up was great and the weather was on our side. I was amaze myself by the diversity of the crowd and the special performance Alec had lined up for Blake.

After everyone was done eating so I started playing some sing-a-long songs that got everyone (I mean everyone) on the floor singing with their arms around each other! The crowd was great and wanted to dance all night. The kind of people I love to DJ for. They were even screaming one more song after the last song. Such a great way to end a wedding celebration reception party.

I had such an amazing time playing for this group!  Thank you so much Alec and Blake. If you are looking for a Utah Wedding DJ, Contact me by Email or by Phone.

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10 Questions to Ask Your Wedding DJ Before Signing that Contract

What better way to celebrate your special Day than by having everyone you know and love on the dance floor. Help! I’m Getting Married, “I need a Good DJ for my wedding” is what I hear from clients looking to book a DJ for the first time ever in their life. We all know how important it is to find the right entertainment for your wedding, which is why I am here to help you.

Great recommendations for wedding DJs – can be incredibly helpful for couples looking for wedding day entertainment that suits their style. To make sure you’ve found a wedding DJ that ticks all the boxes, here is a list of 10 questions you should ask a wedding DJ before signing that contract.

How long have you been a DJ and have you experience in DJing at weddings?

This is a really important question because a good wedding DJ is one that has experience DJing at weddings specifically. No two weddings are the same, but there are some significant differences between a wedding and a milestone birthday celebration.

Have you any testimonials to back this up?

Nothing beats word of mouth! Have a look at testimonials from real couples who had your wedding DJ at their wedding and you’ll know if you’ve got a winner.

Do you interact with the crowd and take requests? 

Some DJs don’t do this, so it’s worth asking if requests are allowed. Your wedding DJ will be there to entertain your guests and make sure they are having an incredible time, so make sure that’s a top priority.

Do you have your own equipment, sound, and lights?

Don’t make any assumptions about who will bring the sound equipment and lights. It’s always good to check with your wedding DJ if the fee you are paying includes the use of all the required equipment.

Are you covered with insurance? 

Most wedding DJs aren’t covered by insurance, but the professional ones should be!

If I book you, will it be you who turns up, or will you send someone else?

Finding the right wedding DJ who just understands you and your taste in music is really important. It’s definitely worth finding out if the person you are corresponding with is the one who will show up at your wedding.

Do you have a set list that you play?

It’s really important to have a wedding DJ who is able to read the crowd and adjust the set list, depending on who is on the dance floor and which songs are generating the most excitement from your guests. Being able to see a list of some of your wedding DJ’s most played songs will give you an idea of the style you can expect on your wedding day.

If you are playing after the band, when will you be ready to start?

Some DJs set up after the band is finished. This often leaves a very large gap of time where there is no music or entertainment taking place.

What happens if you can’t do my wedding? Do you have a backup plan?

The answer to this question should be one that gives you peace of mind. Knowing that no matter what happens, you will have a DJ at your wedding is comforting.

How do I confirm you, and do you need a deposit?

Knowing how to make your booking official is a very practical question, but it’s worth asking.

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How to Hire a Professional DJ

How to Hire a professional DJ

Hire a professional DJ, it will save you a lot of time and money. When you hire a pro, you ensure that you will get the best result possible for your event. Hiring a DJ for your event could seem like a lot of work but actually there is a simple process to it.  First of all, you want to hire a pro, someone with years of experiences and is active in the market.

Step 1. Know the details of your event in advance.

Before you hire anymore, make sure you have as much detail of the event as possible for your DJ. You need to know: the date, location, time, your budget, expected audience size, what kind of vibe are you looking for etc..


Step 2. Do your research

Google, Instagram, Soundcloud and Mixcloud will be your friend when you are looking for a DJ for your next event. With a quick google search you can quickly find a couple DJ’s in your local area. You might find them on website like Thumbtack, Gigsalad, Weddingwire etc. From your list your can start filtering out the ones that fit the type of event that you want to do. For example, if you are looking for a club DJ in Salt Lake City, you do not want to hire a DJ that ONLY does weddings. So, before you decide to just send a random message to hire a DJ, make sure to read their bio. If you are still not sure what kind of DJ they are, you can ask him or her, so you are not wasting your time. 

Step 3. Hire the DJ

Once you have done the steps I mentioned below, you are ready to hire a professional DJ. A professional DJ is more than just loading songs and hitting the play button, he/she is beyond that. They have the extraordinary skills, expertise and the ability to read the mood of crowd. They can transform a boring party into one that is exciting and entertaining.



#01 // Music Selection

Professional DJs have an extensive library of songs of different genres, countries, and eras. They can also suggest a broad range of songs that are sure to entertain guests, family and friends of almost all age groups.

#02 // Experience and Skills

A good DJ can produce the utmost fun and excitement through their musical tracks. They can read the crowd, use their skills and adjust the music accordingly. They have an abundance of experience and knowledge in executing and managing wedding receptions.

#03 // Equipment

An expert DJ comes with high-quality, advanced and professional musical equipment. They make sure to have all the correct lighting props, backup systems, audio gear and video equipment to ensure that the wedding party remains interesting and entertaining.

 #04 // Planning

Expert planning is what separates a professional DJ from a rookie DJ. They are proficient in overall planning and execution. They consider all possibilities in advanced and take care of minor details. They use the best practices to make the event successful.

#05 // Convenience and complete peace of mind

Hiring an expert DJ makes things convenient. They provide you with a complete peace of mind, and a truly immersive as well as awesome experience that is sure to give you the wedding of your dreams.




No doubt, professional DJs are highly cost-effective and ideal for any event. So no matter what you have planned, you can always hire a professional  DJ to make your wedding, private party unforgettable and unique. I am a professional DJ based in Salt lake city, my team and I can help you plan your next event and make sure you have a successful event.


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